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i do linoleum-prints, it does not need much, just some knifes (or cutter) and linoleum of course. add some print colour, done. i usually show the whole process in pictures, from sketch to print.

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King Kong of the Forest

Once upon a time there was a linoleum print of a church. But the church fell and a huge gorilla took it’s place. Now we have to rename this print from “Church in the Forest” to “GROOOOOOOOAAAAARRRR”. Yeah. Advertisements

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The pretty but wrong Feuerwehr

A birthday card for my son.
Yes, the characters are mirrored. šŸ˜‰


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Nessi (for the eager eyed)

I was about to finish a few drafts on the huge but lovely topic of cryptozoology for Global Ideas (the Deutsche Welle project I’m an editor for). Among the contents of the story where three short blog posts about the history of the most famous… Read More

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A landscape, II

This is just a first try, I’m learning. Lessons today: 1. I need more brayer in different sizes. 2. Leave more print area. 3. Wait until the first layer is dry. 4. Avoid big overlay areas. Anyway, the landscape can be found almost everywhere in… Read More

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A portrait of U.

With the next landscape in mind I put finishing touchesĀ on this portrait. It has a deadline, so I have to be quick. Again, a photograph is the basis for the print. The idea was to create another two-color print. And still I haven’t found the… Read More

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A portrait of E.

When I got more into this linoleum issue, I found that portraits are a pretty nice way to use this technique. The problem here still is that two colors are more interesting then just one. But what color matches a face best? Green is to… Read More

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A landscape

I have no idea where or when exactly the photo was made which I took as a basis for the following linoleum print. I guess it’s an old holiday pic of my parents or grandparents, dated somewhen in the 1960s. I found it coincidentally while… Read More

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A portrait of M.

This portrait of “M.” is the first portrait linoleum print I did. We had a photo shooting a few weeks before the print. One of the resulting pictures was the following (it’s already mirrored!): The idea was to get a high contrast image, it would… Read More